Big Boi Treats Atlanta Hospice Patients to Screening of "Black Panther"


Hospice patients in Atlanta got a pleasant surprise when Big Boi decided to treat them to a special screening the Black Panther movie. The southern hip-hop vet and his company Celebrity Trailers bought out Stonecrest Theaters on Friday for patients Patients Loving Arms Hospice in DeKalb County.

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“It touches his heart because his family are on hospice as well,” explained Celebrity Trailers co-owner Janice Ahmed. “And he wanted to get his family out to go ahead and still enjoy life.”

According to Loving Arms employees, Big Boi covered everything from tickets to transportation and snacks for the group patients. He is not alone in such gestures as several celebrities have taken the opportunity to provide special screenings the Black Panther film for different members their respective communities.

Only having been released for one week, Black Panther has already enjoyed record-breaking status, including the title the highest-grossing first week in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Figures last showed a global intake $520 million in the first week after a strong opening weekend $280 million and the film has since been poised to land a second weekend at least $100 million in ticket sales.