BibleGirl's Pride Month Playlist: Terror Jr, Britney Spears, Nervo & More


As part our 30 Days Pride initiative, we've asked LGBTQ stars to create playlists to show what “pride” means to them. Our fourth curator is drag queen and entrepreneur BibleGirl.

“A lot the songs were from the time that I came out or they have a lot disco and EDM elements,” BibleGirl told Billboard. “I think, for Pride, it should be indicative a huge party and a celebration who we are — songs that don’t necessarily focus on being queer per say, but focus on being who you are as a person and owning every fiber your being is really.”

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Daft Punk, “One More Time”

I think Daft Punk took a wonderful and creative spin on what disco once was and revolutionized it with their own EDM spin.

Madonna feat. Kanye West, “Beat Goes On”

The Hard Candy album is underrated. The combination Madonna, Kanye and Pharrell on this song is really magical and the message behind the track is about picking yourself back up when shit gets you down. I think for queer people that’s a very identifiable narrative in terms having to MacGyver life until you find your stride.

Britney Spears, “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)”

I think “Get Naked” is one Britney’s best and most dynamic tracks out her entire discography. It’s so unique. It’s just really hot and heavy and I think Pride doesn’t have to be so sanitized and I think the raunch and grit and grime from this track are really great for different party elements for Pride. It’s just so sexy!

The Black Eyed Peas, “Meet Me Halfway”

“Meet Me Halfway” is a really pretty track just on the surface level and I think the message behind it keeping relationships — whether it’s partners, family, or friends — stable. When you come into your own as a queer person, it’s really special when you can find someone who’s like that.

Kylie Minogue, “Can’t Beat the Feeling”

Aphrodite is such an amazing album in itself with the disco elements and has such a futuristic sound at the same time. “Can’t Beat the Feeling” has this consistent, pulsating, euphoric beat that rises and falls and with Kylie’s vocals. You can really feel the emotion when you fall in love with someone so bad that you want to shout out from the rotops — his song is really evocative that.

Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream”

“Teenage Dream” came out around the same time that I had been dating my first boyfriend and it just calls upon a very coming–age feeling for me.

Kelis, “Brave”

Flesh Tone came out around the same time as Minogue’s] Aphrodite and that was along the lines when I met the guy that was my first boyfriend. I just love the album as a whole but “Brave” is a special track. The message behind it is about knowing that there’s light at the end the tunnel and you don’t have to rely on anybody else but yourself. I think for most queer people, you’ve got to stick to your guns and fight for yourself and this track tells that story.

Lady Gaga, “Fashion!”

“Fashion!” is such a good, boastful track about owning your shit and making people think you are the shit. Gaga is a big advocate for speaking up for your own self-worth and believing in yourself,  and “Fashion!” is that ideology being screamed from mountain tops.

Shakira, “She Wolf”

“She Wolf” is about harnessing that inner voice that you are so scared to be confident in and strutting out in front everybody and not giving a shit. The music video is just so strange and her dancing is just very strange. I’ve channelled a lot her odd movement into my own except she actually has rhythm which I don’t. It’s such a silly video but the message still stands.

Benny Benassi Presents The Biz, “Satisfaction”

I think this was my first introduction into true EDM, when I was like 15. I didn’t even know what a rave was but I was ready to collect my candy beads and have my glow sticks out. And when I happened on the music video, it was game over. I just remember being so captivated by these hypersexualized women doing construction work. It’s so on the nose how people say “sex sells,” rubbing it into the public’s face.

Terror Jr, “Sugar”

I had to have Terror Jr on the list. “Sugar” is a cute EDM love song with squeaky clean production. I just love a good love EDM track. They really delivered with this one.

The 1975, “Sex”

It’s a great headbanger track. It’s about falling in and out love, wanting to rump around with other people. It’s just like a greasy, rock song with heavenly vocals. It’s so great to run around or make with someone to. It’s just a banger.

Nervo and Ollie James, “Irrestistible”

I saw this female DJ duo live when they opened up for Britney on the Femme Fatale tour and that’s where I was first introduced to this track. From start to end, the track is filled with this euphoric sound. I’ll just never forget how the song filled the stadium.

Britney Spears, “And Then We Kiss” (Junkie XL Remix)

This track is the mid-tempo sister to “Get Naked” because, much like its counterpart, it oozes sexiness and it about enticing someone. It sounds like it’s wrapping its legs around you; if a song could do that, this is what it sounds like. It’s a deep cut Britney’s and I think it should get more attention.

Rihanna, “Phresh Out the Runway”

Much like Gaga, Rihanna is in that same vein being so confident and no matter what you do, people are going to eat it up because you are just that kind girl. I think for Pride, you got to let a hoe know how fucking cool you are, so that is the clear message from start to finish here. Rihanna embodies that for sure.