Bhad Bhabie Talks XXXTentacion, New Music, Billie Eilish & More at Hot 100 Fest: Watch


Bhad Bhabie spoke with Billboard’s Kevan Kenney on Sunday at the Hot 100 Festival, discussing XXXTentacion, her new mixtape, Billie Eilish and more.

Asked about the trend people comparing female MCs to one another, Bhad Bhabie says that she really hates it. “I’m not no weird feminist or nothing,” she replies. “I feel like all rights should be equal, 'cause we’re all people, no matter what our gender is or what we say we are or how we feel towards other people, I don’t think that makes any difference.

“What your lifestyle is, is what you choose, and what you do is what you do,” she continues, “So I don’t think that there should be any comparing any females, nor do I think there should be comparing guys, nor do I think there should be comparing any females to guys. We’re all rappers, you either like us or you fucking don’t.”

On the subject the late rapper XXXTentacion, who was fatally shot during an armed robbery in June, Bhad Bhabie calls him a “fucking legend,” adding that he was “one the most important people in music” for her generation.

She says that she hates the fact that people focus on criticizing his previous behavior. “There’s no reason for us to be bringing up stuff in his past,” she tells Billboard. “Worry about the good shit that he was doing. Look at the person he was becoming. What the fuck does it matter what happened blah blah blah years ago or blah blah blah with this person. So fucking what? It’s over. It’s done. What happened in the past happened in the past. The future is now and he was trying to make a better future, but people like to fuck shit up for other people, don’t they?”

The “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper also chats about her forthcoming mixtape 15, which drops September 19, mentioning that her favorite track f it is called “Young and Bad,” which features the City Girls. “That’s the song I’m really, really excited about,” she shares, “'Cause honestly, that song is hard. Like hard hard.”

Before the interview closes, the rapper is asked about rumors that she is dating singer Billie Eilish, to which she replies, “Billie, little Billie. I’m not at liberty to speak.”

You can check out the full video interview above.