Bhad Bhabie Gets Into Physical Altercation With Woah Vicky at Atlanta Studio


The rivalry between Bhad Bhabie and Internet personality Woah Vicky continued in the early hours of Wednesday morning (Oct. 30) when the teenage adversaries were involved in a physical altercation after Bhabie pulled up on Vicky at an Atlanta studio session for Lil Gotit.

The confrontation quickly came to blows, as footage obtained by TMZ shows security guards looking on while they duked it out. Bhabie is seen talking smack on top of Vickie, while WV continued to pull the Atlantic Records artist's hair before others eventually stepped in to stop the bout.

Following the fight, the "Gucci Flip Flops" rapper took to social media to address exactly what went down with Vicky. The feud is far from settled, but Bhabie is claiming victory for this round. "Y'all see shorty holding my hair and missing, what are y'all trying to prove? You see the dude holding us back," she wrote. "I told her to pull up where I'm at by herself and she won't!"

Until next time, give the altercation a watch below.