Bhad Bhabie Fights With A Girl On Instagram Live Over NBA YoungBoy


 A few months ago, “GG” rapper, NBA YoungBoy was involved in dating rumours with Bhad Bhabie, but the two of them seemingly drifted apart. Seeing as Bhabie is only 16 years old, it was probably for the better. The rumours swirled back up though, when it was revealed that Bhad Bhabie had some new ink done on her hand, which people believed was of YoungBoy’s first name “Kentrell,” until Bhabie took to Twitter to clear it all up, saying “fuck y’all talking bout. That shit say Kentucky.”

Last month, YoungBoy’s new girlfriend “Kay” taking to publicly supporting her man on Instagram after the two were involved in a fatal shooting in Miami, which resulted in the rapper getting a detention order. The public announcement should have put all discussion about YoungBoy and Bhabie to rest, but now it seems as if it’s about to be sparked up all over again following an incident over Instagram Live last night between Bhabie and another chick, seemingly involving the Louisiana native.

In a confused stream of posts, the two went at it hardd, screaming at one another, with Bhabie resorting to pulling out receipts of texts between her and YoungBoy. The other girl, who’s been identified as Malu Trevejo, can be seen smugly telling Bhabie to “relax” as Bhabie goes awff on her, claiming she “wants to be [her] so bad.” Bhabie put all rumours of her and YoungBoy’s alleged relationship to rest finally, saying, “you think you hot as shit because you quote unquote took a guy, but you didn’t take no guy. You never took no guy, you can never take a guy who wasn’t mine. He wasn’t mine at the time.” Bhabie later took to Instagram to clear rumours that the two were fighting over the rapper though, saying “over YoungBoy ????? Honey neverrrrr she just brought him up so I had to put her in her place bout it!”