Bhad Bhabie Blasts IG Influencer Who Compared Her Face To A Purge Mask


Bhad Bhabie isn’t one to hold back from expressing herself. That’s actually how she ends up getting in trouble sometimes. The teenage viral sensation’s been on the ‘Gram recently taking some subliminal shots at an unknown person. There was speculation that it may have been Trippie Redd’s girlfriend, Coi Leray, but it appears that someone else took offense to what Bhad Bhabie had to say.

That person in question is Malu Trevejo, a teenage Instagram personality who’s previously had issues with Bhad Bhabie. Trevejo may have clowned Bhad Bhabie by claiming the “Hi Bich” rapper looks like she’s wearing a purge mask. This struck a nerve with Bhad Bhabie who went on Instagram Live with one of her besties and got some things off of her chest. 

Bhad Bhabie Blasts IG Influencer Who Compared Her Face To A Purge Mask

Bhad Bhabie seemed mainly frustrated that someone she has no interest in associating with has something to say about her. “I’m so over that it. She continues to bring me up and I’m not gonna let no bitch bring me up and I’m not gon’ say nothing about it,” she said. “She does this for clout.”

Bhad Bhabie’s friend attempted to cool things down (likely because she’s tired of hearing about it) but Bhad Bhabie continued to unload her feelings on the Internet. 

Ultimately, it seems like the young viral star-turned-rap sensation is over being at the center of the conversation for unflattering reasons.