BFM Cooley Drops New Single “Taking Off”


Florida’s own BFM Cooley released his latest single, “Taking Off,” and that is exactly what the rapper is doing in the music game. His single is produced by Kutta Beatz, which showcases his hustle and mindset. On the track, he is talking about going M.I.A. just to be in grind mode and get his money right, which many hustlers can relate to.

“If you don’t see me for a while, I’m in grind mode,” BFM Cooley raps.

Cooley is speaking to everyone who is currently in grind mode and working hard to achieve their goals. What came from just a “vibe” is becoming an anthem for many.

“Taking off’ basically just came based off a turn-up vibe,” he said. “I wanted to switch the flow up from my last single, and [by] just listening to beats, I easily just came up with different thoughts and put them together.”

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