Beyonce’s "Homecoming" Netflix Special Yields 828K Viewers Per Minute


When is Beyonce not breaking records? Killing the game? Making serious business moves? Never. And even when she does take a break, we’re scared, because we know she’s coming with something new for us any time now. While we most recently reported on Beyonce cashing in a hefty $300 million dollar check from witty Uber investments, reports by Complex further indicate the Nielsen numbers are in for the legendary performer’s Netflix special, Homecoming.

Accordingly, the documentary’s launch date led to an estimated 1.1 million US viewers based on Variety reports. The latter includes a per-minute viewing audience of 828K. Furthermore, the average was held consistently through the weekend following the documentary’s release. Moreover, numerous records were broken by the doc, including its attraction of a 55% black viewership which makes it the highest original streaming show or movie to do so yet. The seven-day period ensuing Homecoming’s release also held a 70% female viewership, beating the previous numbers garnered by Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black

To note, these numbers do not even consider the viewership which stemmed from phones or desktop. The Nielsen numbers generally cover US viewings from Wifi-connected TVs, hence the digits could be much bigger than we think. Clearly, Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with.