Beyonce's Dad Sues Lawyer Who Said He Auctioned His Daughter's Memorabilia


Beyonce and her father have been known to not have the best relationship. Queen Bee is usually always seen with her mother by her side, but being as private as the singer is with her personal life no one really knows the inner happenings the Knowles family.

New reports have surfaced about her father, Matthew Knowles, who claims he lost out on $175 million after lies about him selling his daughter’s memorabilia. The Blast reports that Matthew was sued by his former lawyers last year after he refused to pay them $500,000. The lawsuit details a time Matthew held a silent auction selling Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s pieces. 

The law firm is coming after Matthew because he apparently disposed the money, that’s said to be a lot, and is still not paying them their dues. Matthew has denied the allegations and countersued for defamation. He is seeking $2 million in damages, saying he was only selling athletic and sports items.

Matthew says before the law firm sued him, they threatened to make things “ugly for him” if he didn’t pay up. Bey’s dad claims that since these lies have been spread about him, his company Music World has lost tons business worth $175 million.