Beyonce Pocketed Much Less From Her Uber Investments: Report


Last week, we reported on a big check  Beyonce was preparing to get due to early investments in the driver-hailing platform Uber. While a set of numbers have swirled around social media, ranging between $6 to $300 million dollars, Hip Hop DX offered a realistic breakdown of how Queen Bey managed to rack up such serious coins. According to the news outlet, Beyonce received a total of $6 million dollars worth of restricted Uber stock in 2015. While Beyonce is one of the early investors to have put forth their monies in hopes that Uber would substantially grow, she may not be getting as much from it as we previously believed.

Following some thorough fact-checking, the Grammy-Award winning singer may have garnered a total of roughly $9 million dollars since Uber went public on the New York Stock exchange. Celebrity Net Worth‘s Brian Warner adds: “Beyonce was given $6 million worth of restricted stock units (RSUs). She was not given 6 million shares. I think this huge distinction is where the fake news insanity of this story has gotten out of control. If you didn’t understand that Beyonce got $6 million worth of RSUs, as opposed to 6 million shares, you might have assumed that with 6 million shares at an IPO stock price of $45, Beyonce’s stake would be worth $300 million.” 

It may not be $300 million dollars, but $9 million remains a hefty return on investment. Good look, Bey.