Beth Ditto Responds to London Pride TERF Controversy With Inspiring Instagram Post: 'We Keep Trying'


Indie rock singer-songwriter Beth Ditto has made a name for herself as an outspoken feminist lesbian. The Arkansas-born former frontwoman Gossip has identified herself as a “fat feminist lesbian” since the start her career. But Ditto wants to make it clear — she is not a TERF.

Ditto posted a photo herself and her trans bassist Teddy Kwo on Instagram late Thursday night (July 12), fering up a message unconditional support for the LGBTQ community following an anti-trans protest at this year’s London Pride. “In the wake London pride and with all the anti trans rhetoric there that was trying to overshadow the beauty our movement and celebration our struggle,” she said. Ditto added that working with Kwo is like having “a ray sunshine at my side.”

The post references a protest at London Pride on Sunday, July 7, in which a group trans-exclusionary radical feminists (or TERFs) led the parade for its entirety, spouting anti-trans epithets and sharing transphobic pamphlets and messages with the crowd. “Transactivism erases lesbians,” one sign read.

Ditto elaborated in her post that in every fight for equality, there were times when those fighting felt discouraged and beaten down. But she emphasized the importance persistence: “Yes, we do try and make sure everyone is respected and supported and still navigate an entire movement with so much at stake BUT WE KEEP TRYING,” she wrote.

The singer ended her post by saying that those fighting for LGBTQ equality must look back on past fights and use that as motivation to continue forward. “I need all y’all,” she said. “Thank you for being out there and just fucking living your reality and truths.”

Ditto will join Sam Smith’s U.S. leg his “Thrill It All Tour” in August. Read her full Instagram post below: