Benzino Apparently Smacked Upside The Head By Baby Moms, Leading To Arrest


Benzino most recent meet your maker moment comes courtesy his inside circle. Benzino and his baby moms came to blows after the former refused to leave their home. The details are now confined to a police report, whereas the toxicity their relationship is already public record, judging by their appearance together on “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” The TV do-over doesn’t appear to give anyone the outside edge.

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The much maligned former co-owner “The Source Magazine” reportedly engaged in a domestic dispute with partner Althea Eaton. According to TMZ, the cops arrived on site and witnessed her going “upside his head.” She subsequently became subject to police cuffs and was booked on misdemeanor battery charges.

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Bail was set at 20k, she skipped out early Monday morning. Hopefully they can salvage what is left their parental responsibility and make this work, coast to coast.

Better times: