Benny The Butcher Rattles the Competition With Sharp Wordplay in 'Broken Bottles' Watch


With rap aficionados salivating over Benny The Butcher's Tana Talk three venture, the Griselda Records MC determined hold the chatter going together with his new gritty video "Broken Bottles."

Clad in all-black, the cerebral lyricist slices and dices his method by The Alchemist's ominous soundscape with precision. "On parole, I used to be going all in with ten/ These humorous hustlers out right here owing greater than they spend/ She fuck with you, you purchase her a Chanel watch/ She fly out with twelve blocks, I purchase her a nail store," he raps. 

Later, B.E.N.N.Y. continues his lyrical assault in a tiny house amongst his cohorts, as he boasts about his mob ties. "The Butcher coming, y’all know the motto/ Those Sopranos had fiends smoking white out Sprite soda bottles/ Mob boss like I’m Joe Todaro/ My lengthy and my plug acquired a farm like he Old MacDonald," he spews. 

Watch "Broken Bottles" under.