Benji Lewis Tries to Slow Down & Embrace Solitude in ‘Fast Forward’ Watch


Sometimes, it's good to be alone; getting away from the world can be a healing experience. For up-and-coming pop singer Benji Lewis, it's more than good — it's vital.

On Thursday (Aug. 22), Lewis unveiled his first-ever music video for his new song "Fast Forward," a hazy, pop-R&B slow-jam about attempting to move forward from a destructive state of mind. "I was scared of seeing this side/ And now I gotta be alone," he sings in a pained falsetto.

The video shows Lewis sits alone in a purple-lit studio, as it cuts back and forth to the singer wandering through an abandoned L.A. street, along with a lonesome mountain range, collecting his thoughts. "Ain't we getting tired?/ I say we change it up," he croons.

In a statement released with the song, Lewis said that the concept came to him while listening to artists like H.E.R. and Sabrina Claudio, who he says inspired him to venture into a new sound. "I’ve always loved rnb music and that’s just what we ended up creating with this one. It feels sexy, natural and honest to me," he said. "This song is about getting out of a certain state of mind. Not wanting to think about or look at a current situation, relationship orparticular person right now. We are never really stuck, and my subconscious was telling me this while I wrote the song."

Check out Benji Lewis' new video for "Fast Forward" below: