Benee Goes On an Animated Adventure in ‘Glitter’ Exclusive


Pop newcomer Benee has unveiled the animated video for her latest single “Glitter” exclusively Billboard on Monday (Sept. 16).

“I know it’s gettin’ late now, baby/ Maybe you should stay here with me/ Let’s just make it our own party/ Stick together like glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter,” the New Zealand teen sings on the track’s shimmering chorus.

Directed by illustrator Steven Mertens, the colorful clip was inspired by the cover art for Benee’s debut EP, Fire On Marzz, and finds the 19-year-old racing through a wacky animated world alongside her fuzzy monster sidekick. Chased by an evil queen’s hovercraft-riding henchmen, the Kiwi singer and her pal dash through glowing caves and ride a sparkling waterfall before blasting off into outer space.

“My goal with the video was to use many techniques to give it a unique feel,” Mertens tells Billboard of the visual, which was created using a combination of live-action, stop motion animation, CGI, photo collage, colored pencil drawings, rear projections and felt sculptures. “We wanted viewers to ask themselves, ‘What exactly am I looking at?’

“Collaborating on a fun space monster video was a perfect example of the BENEEvision in full flow,” the pop singer adds.

This fall, Benee will embark on a solo mini-tour of four North American dates before hitting the road with Conan Gray as the opening act of his upcoming Comfort Crowd Tour.

Watch the premiere of “Glitter” below.