Ben Rector Announces New Album 'Magic,' Unveils Nostalgic Track 'Old Friends': Premiere


On the heels his biggest hit to date, Ben Rector is gearing up to release his seventh album, Magic, this summer. The independent pop singer-songwriter earned his first Billboard Hot 100 entry with 2016's high-spirited “Brand New,” with the album the same name debuting in the top 10 the Billboard 200 — and he's ready to follow that up with another lively set on June 22. 

The 13-track Magic, whose producers include John Fields (Goo Goo Dolls, All Time Low) and Tony Hfer (Beck, Air, M83), continues Rector's positive vibes for which he's become known, this time with a hint reminiscence. Across the album Rector will simultaneously reflect on his past and hopefully look to the future, a sentiment inspired by his daughter Jane, who was born last July.

Along with announcing his next LP today (May 18), Rector delivers two tracks from Magic, the first which premiering on Billboard. Titled “Old Friends,” the lighthearted, piano-driven tune follows the nostalgic theme  Magic, with Rector recalling personal memories like “listening to Jimmy Eat World riding three wide on Blake's bench seat” while also telling fans to cherish those you grew up with.

“I wrote 'Old Friends' after a conversation with my mom about keeping up with my best friend from high school,” Rector tells Billboard. “Towards the end the call she said 'you know what they say, you can't make old friends.' I sat down to write and was immediately flooded with memories from growing up. It struck me how powerful that feeling was, that I missed both the people I grew up with and the naivety that time more than I realized. Magic has a thread nostalgia, both lyrically and sonically, running through it, and this felt like a good introduction — and I hope it makes people want to call their old friends.” 

Pre-order Magic here, check out the track list and give “Old Friends” a listen below — then call your buddies from back home.

1. Extraordinary Magic
2. I Will Always Be Yours
3. Drive
4. Old Friends
5. Duo
6. Kids
7. Green
8. Sometimes
9. Wherever You Are
10. Over and Over
11. Boxes
12. Peace
13. Love Like This