Ben Platt Calls Working With Lin-Manuel Miranda on ‘Found/Tonight’ a ‘Dream Come True’: Watch


In the latest installment of the “My Billboard Moment” video series, Ben Platt recalls the meaningful moment when "Found/Tonight," the song he made with Lin-Manuel Miranda, hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Speaking of when the song entered the chart at No. 49, Platt tells Billboard that it was the “cherry on top of the cake of that experience.”

Calling working with Miranda a “dream come true,” Platt notes that being asked to participate in a cause that he believes so much in meant even more to him.

“For it to be for a cause that I believe so much in, for gun control, and for the horrible, horrible things that happened in Parkland, and to be able to support those kids and be part of that event was like a life highlight I'll always remember,” explains Platt.

“And to on top of that create a song that connected enough for people to make that list,” he continues, “It just made it an unforgettable experience. It was super special.”

You can watch the full video interview above, and listen to "Found/Tonight” below.