Ben Dickey Goes on an Adventure in ‘Sing That One to Me’ Premiere


Ben Dickey wanted the video for "Sing That One to Me," premiering below from his new album A Glimmer on the Outskirts, to be a good representation of the song. But the singer, songwriter and star of the Blaze biopic about the late Blaze Foley had another desire for the clip as well.

"My only thing with it was I wanted two people I knew and loved a lot to represent the two people in the song," says Dickey, who got his wish when directing collective Arts + Labor cast Alison Mosshart of the Kills and Dead Weather along with Marlon Sexton, son of A Glimmer album producer Charlie Sexton. In the video the two have an adventure with food and animation while Dickey and his band -- accompanied by his German shepherd Dinah -- play the track.

"That song is an adventure sort of song and a friendship sort of thing," Dickey explains. “It's about anybody who's ever been in the position where they've got a good friend who had a big breakup or lost a job or lost a loved one for something, and you say to your friend, 'Let's forget everything. Let's drive to Reno tonight. Let's drive to Vegas or Atlantic City.' I wanted two people I loved to represent that energy, and I think we got it. Otherwise I gave control over to the folks who made the video, and I'm really happy with how it came out."

Dickey is on the road supporting A Glimmer on the Outskirts, which came out March 8 on SexHawkeBlack Records, the label founded by Charlie Sexton, Blaze writer and director Ethan Hawke and South by Southwest founder and Blaze executive producer Louis Black. Dickey has been playing solo dates opening for Hayes Carll, who's asked to take him out during the summer too, but what he really wants is "to get my band on the road. This is a band record … so my aim is to try to get that working in late summer or early fall."

Dickey also has a small part in the upcoming Hawke-directed adaptation for Showtime of James McBride's award-winning anti-slavery novel The Good Lord Bird. Hawke also stars in the miniseries, which Dickey says he's "been fighting to get situated for awhile." Dickey is looking at other potential acting jobs, but he adds that, "I'm really hyper-focused on this record" and plans to make promoting it a priority for most of the year, at least.

"It came out the way I wanted it to," Dickey says, "and I just want the opportunity to go and play, and that's what we're doing. I've had nights on this tour that look like the scene in Blaze in Chicago where nobody's listening, and I’ve had nights where I got everybody listening. It's just good to be out and playing and good to have a record to support and a bunch of people I care about and like supporting it. I feel extremely lucky."