Ben Affleck Says He's Doing "Just Fine" With His Ridiculous Phoenix Back Tattoo


Not too long ago photos surfaced showing Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo a Phoenix. At the time people were puzzled, mainly because he has denied the tattoo saying it was once a temporary look for a movie role and also, just why?

Anyways, after a number Twitter reactions and questions from the web, it seems as though Ben is over it and a New Yorker article is what prompted his own response to the matter.

After the publication shared an article titled "The Great Sadness Ben Affleck" with a twitter caption to the blog post reading "Ben Affleck’s is the kind middle-aged-white-male sadness that the Internet loves to mock—a mocking that depends on a rejection this sadness, as well as a hedging identification with it" - Ben let his followers know he's "just fine."

Enjoy your life, Ben.