Belly & The Weeknd Reunite on 'What You Want': Listen


Belly shared a teaser an upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd on his socials this week, leaving fans salivating for the full track to arrive. On Thursday (May 24), Belly satiated fans' cravings, as he dropped an intriguing accompanying lyric video for The Weeknd-featuring single “What You Want.”

Over the sun-kissed, easygoing melody, Belly flexes his vocal prowess and joins The Weeknd for the hook as the men sing, “I will never be what you need/ But I got what you want/ You just wanna spend my cash and smoke my weed/ I got what you want.” The Weeknd flies solo from there and feathers his silvery vocals onto the breezy beat, as he sings about a woman who has “more issues than a magazine.”

Then, Belly gushes about his lady, who didn't attend college but she's “faithful and honest” and he's willing to give her anything she wants. 

“It was the most fun I ever had shooting a video,” Belly told Billboard recently. “Me and Abel always have amazing chemistry when we work, but this one takes the cake.”

Listen to “What You Want” below.