Bella Thorne and Com3t Talk New Music, Their Label, Future Plans & More at Hot 100 Fest: Watch


Bella Thorne and her sister Dani (a.k.a Com3t) — joined by their dog named Tampon — sat down with Billboard’s Kevan Kenney on Sunday (Aug. 19) at the Hot 100 Festival to talk about their record label, Bella’s new single, and what her plans are for the next year when it comes to balancing her music and acting career.

Bella reveals that she was so nervous ahead her Main Stage Hot 100 fest set, with Com3t pointing out how much she loved the crowd’s energy: “Getting to hear a lot Bella’s] songs that are unreleased live for the first time, it was an incredible experience."

The pair also chat about their joint record label Filthy Fangs, with Com3t telling Billboard that she finds it important to remain independent, while also giving other artists their independence and creative freedom. “We really have a really eclectic mix for all the people signed to the label currently,” she says, “And it's so fun bringing all these different genres together and the energy that that creates.”

On the subject her single “Pussy Mine,” which you can listen to below, Bella shares that it was inspired by the fact that everyone thinks she is a tomboy, and she wants to spin that idea around.

“I always say that I'm very tomboy, you know I talk like a guy,” she says. “I say 'my dick' all the time…so I'm always kind talking like that. Most people will look at me sideways, or think that I have armpit hair and I don't shave my legs and like, 'Oh, my goodness, she's so manly.'”

“It's kind taking it and spinning it around and turning it back on to the audience,” she continues, “Which is doing that, bringing that manly side me into my music, bringing my sex life into it]. It’s it's definitely another piece me, which I like. I wanted to almost release ‘Pussy Mine’ first just to be a bitch.”

Asked if she plans on focusing on acting or music at the moment, Bella says that she plans on doing both equally this year, but in 2019, she and her sister will focus on music.

“We are new, you could say, in the music game,” she explains, “And we're so luckily humbled to have gotten to where we are…it's just so fucking crazy, and I guess that that feeling is just gonna keep getting bigger over 2019. Because I finish the year f with a couple movies, we have couple show dates and Dani goes on tour. But next year I think we might do a big summertime Filthy Fangs tour with everyone on the label, cause it really is like a gang.”

You can watch the full video interview with Bella Thorne and Com3t above.