Being In An Altered State: M. Aundre


The Santa Cruz, CA artist — known as M. Aundre or “Maundre” — releases his debut single “Altered State,” a chill-out vibe-influenced hip hop track featuring lyrics that seem to be inspired from his past experiences, and the things he sees in the world around him.

“Altered State” is about living life. It is a song where the artist gives you the real. M. Aundre is not your average rapper, no. M. Aundre is here to bring forth something much greater. The California artist really flows on point, with his debut single. While this song is definitely an enjoyable one, pay close attention to the lyrics, and to the message that is being conveyed. The new release was written and performed by M. Aundre, and produced by Sureet of Digital Desi Productions.

M. Aundre is a fan of retro times, and vintage styles. He is definitely not your average west coast rapper, and brings forth fresh elements to a forever-evolving music industry. After giving “Altered State” a few listens, I can easily add it to my rotation of chill hip hop music. Coming from a coastal area like Santa Cruz, M. Aundre has more than likely been exposed to many types of music. Santa Cruz, CA is also known for its wide array of musical styles, with musicians everywhere. It will be interesting to see what M. Aundre delivers next.

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