Behold the Translated Lyrics For Major Lazer’s New Single ‘Make It Hot’


Anticipation for the forthcoming Major Lazer album surged Wednesday (June 19) with the release of the outfit's new single "Make It Hot."

A Spanish-language collaboration with Brazilian singer Anitta, a translation of the "Make It Hot" lyrics reveal that the slinky dancefloor grinder is fully embodying the title's directive. The straightforward sentiments even include a shout-out to J.Lo. There's no official release date for Major Lazer's fourth studio LP, nor do we know if "Make It Hot" will appear on the album, but if the sound of the track is any indication, we can expect a muy caliente body of new work.

Watch the hypnotic lyric video for "Make It Hot" and check out the song's translation below. 

Always hot
Always spicy
If I twerk for you
I don’t think you could handle it

Always hot
And even arrogant
Your boyfriend’s face changes when he sees me
Everyone dies to try my poison
And what I want, I get, even if it's taken (oh)

Even in Aruba, they want me for my body
Even in Ibiza, when I arrive, they say “Anitta” 

You like my sensuality
And that I'm from the block, just like Jenny