Becky Lynch Trades Jabs With Edge, Beth Phoenix On Twitter


WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch got caught up in another war of words on twitter this week with WWE legend Edge and his wife, Beth Phoenix.

Lynch previously traded barbs with the couple back in May, which led to her revealing that she’s currently dating WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. This time around, “The Man” took some shots at Edge’s injury history and Beth’s commentary skills.

In response to one of Edge’s tweets, Lynch tweeted, “Can’t your wife talk for herself? Actually, I listened to NXT commentary, clearly not.” Following a tweet from Phoenix, Becky replied, “Put your kids to bed, kiss your frail husband goodbye, lace your own damn boots and come find me.”

Edge then issued the following:

“Oh wait, what? This is still happening? Sorry The Man I got bored after your last weak tweet and walked away. Kind of like I do when your matches come on. Huh. You used to like puns before you were “cool” right? Ratings Jugger-not. And again I say begone little one.”

Lynch used social media during her months long feud with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the lead up to their historic match at Wrestlemania 35 – but it doesn’t appear as though her latest twitter beef will lead to anything between her and Beth Phoenix on WWE TV.

Check out the back and forth below.