Becky Lynch Thinks Ronda Rousey Will Quit If She Loses At Wrestlemania


Wrestlemania 35 is a special event as it will be the first time a Female Main Event will headline the weekend. This time around, it will be a three-way title match between Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. Rousey has become Lynch’s biggest rival and heading into the weekend, Lynch has some pretty damning words for Ronda. In fact, Lynch is putting Rousey’s desire to be a wrestler into question, saying she’ll probably retire if she doesn’t win on Sunday.

“She won’t be able to hack it,” Lynch told TMZ. “She won’t be able to take it. She won’t be able to look defeat in the face and say I can come back from this.”

Lynch also explained that Rousey is easy to beat when she feels as though she’s on top of the world. In fact, Lynch says Rousey is notorious for being a bad loser.

“When Rhonda feels untouchable, that’s when she gets put to sleep. That’s when she gets knocked out,” Lynch explained. “And, we all know what happens to Rhonda when that happens, she goes and she cries under her blanky for a year or whatever. The only thing she knows how to do is either be invincible or be gone.”

The match will go down on Sunday, April 7th at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.