Becky G Says She Wants to Make a New ‘Lady Marmalade’ With Anitta, Natti, Lali, & Karol G: Watch


Becky G caught up Billboard’s Carlos Adyan and Pili Montilla on the red carpet ahead of the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday (April 25), where she chatted about her Natti Natasha collaboration “Sin Pijama,” her dream to have a “Lady Marmalade” moment with some fellow female Latin singers, and what inspired the video for her Maluma track “La Respuesta.”

Speaking of working with Natti Natasha on “Sin Pijama,” Becky G tells Billboard that she knew the song was a hit from the start. “Natti sent her verse in, she loved the song, and it just became what it is,” she says. “And then I had already had the concept for the music video. And then my friend Daniel Duran, our director, took my concept, brought it to life, and then it just became the thing that it is today.”

Asked how she knows if a song will be a hit, Becky G says that it is important to trust her gut. “I think you can consider a song a hit for different reasons,” she adds. “Numbers nowadays are very important, but I think for an artist, a hit is a song being released that means a lot to you, and I think that’s been happening a lot for me recently, just being able to put music out consistently, not listening to what anybody tells me and just going where my heart takes me and trusting my gut.”

Posed with the question of which other female musicians she would like to one day join forces with, Becky G reveals that she wants to do a “Lady Marmalade” type of project with artists such as Anitta, Natti, Lali, and Karol G.

In the interview, the singer also opens up about working with Maluma and what inspired the visuals for their song “La Respuesta,” which she reveals was influenced by the film Pleasantville.

“I’ve always had a passion for everything behind the cameras and co-directing my music videos and constantly learning. It’s always fascinated me,” Becky G explains. “I think I have such a vivid imagination when I write these songs and when I’m part of the process of recording them and everything, I just feel so strongly about what I see and I want my fans to see this same thing.”

You can watch the full interview with Becky G above.