Becky G Opens Up About Mental Health: ‘I’m Taking a Healthy Lifestyle On the Road Seriously’


Becky G often uses her platform to talk about issues that matter to her, and in the midst of her busy schedule, the 22-year-old singer got real about her hectic life on the road and how it’s affecting her mental health.

“This year I became extremely away on how much traveling my fucks my body,” she expressed in a post shared to her Instagram Story. “The results from it all have been low blood circulation, muscle cramps, dehydration, anxiety, and uncomfortable inflammation in certain areas of my body. I found my mental headspace becoming harder and harder to control with a schedule that is inconsistent with a healthy sleep schedule and time to decompress.”

Becky noted that because of her exhausting lifestyle, she’s finding alternatives to take care of her body. “I got a point this year where I realized I couldn’t even touch my toes because my whole body was so tight and tense,” she said. “I really need to get my shit together and for the first time, I’m actually taking a healthy lifestyle on the road seriously.”

The “Sin Pijama” singer then asked her followers to recommend some tips before sharing some of her own.

Meanwhile, the Mexican-American singer is making the rounds with her recent song “Next To You” featuring Digital Farm Animals. She also filmed a music video for “Un Mundo Ideal,” the Spanglish version of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World,” performed various shows in Colombia, and is hitting the recording studio.

Check out the post Becky's Story below.