Beauty and the Beat: 10 Memorable Rapper-Pop Star Relationships


The lifestyles celebrities has intrigued the general public for years, with people pining for insight into the lavish happenings and luxuries afforded to those living an extraordinary life. While mansions, fancy cars, exotic food and gaudy jewelry are all markers the glamorous life, the details the personal lives the rich and famous are ten the most sought after information by admirers, who will go to great lengths to identify a lover's significant other.

Far from a revelation in the world entertainment, where image and lifestyle is as important as the art it's attached to, in hip-hop, being concerned with the dating habits our artists is a relatively new concept in comparison. It would take years before the first crop ficial rap stars were identified, with many them promoting and championing the lifestyle a player or a ladies man, leaving the room for romance at a minimum.

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As popular R&B artists began to find themselves on the arms rappers, the buzz around these relationships took on a life their own, making for some the more high-prile unions in black music.

In celebration these buzzworthy, yet short-lived relationships, The Boombox highlighted ten instances rappers and R&B artists who had love affairs.

10 Memorable Rapper-Pop Star Relationships