Beast Coast Unite On Hot 97 To Discuss Bars, "Escape From New York" & More


Not long after dropping off their excellent debut as a collective, Beast Coast has blessed the Hot 97 studios for an engaging group interview. Though Joey Bada$$ is ultimately absent for the mass palaver, he makes sure to call in for a brief spell, offering some perspective through the phone. “I’m glad we got together to make this project,” says Joey. “I had a good time working with my brothers. We came from the same place, day one we been plotting for a long time. I’m glad we finally got it done for real.” From the point on, Rosenberg allows each member a moment to introduce themselves, a duck-duck-goose of talented emcees. 

When asked about the process that led to Escape From New York actually coming together, the group seemed united in their response of “timing.” Zombie Juice elaborates, stating “we all had to grow as artists, to put out projects to grow, we started this in 2013, it takes time.” Meechy jumps in, explaining that had they made the album out the gate, it would have sounded “very straightforward. It would have been [boom bap]. This is actual music, not to say there’s anything wrong with the boom bap shit. We didn’t really try to follow a format that everybody tried to lay for us. We just made the music that felt right.”

Erick adds that the “live show” is among the most important elements where artistic growth is concerned. “Every person here, including Joey, all of us are great performers,” he explains. “Now it’s like some Voltron shit…It’s the right time to do it.” Issa Gold offers the perspective of an Underachiever, explaining that the collaborative process helped get him out of his “comfort range.” “I do a lot of stuff on this album I’ve never done, from ‘Snow In The Stadium’ to ‘Coast/Clear’,” he continues. “Now, going forward making more music, I’m more comfortable to try other things I’ve never ever wanted to try.”

Check out the full interview below, and send some love to Beast Coast for a job well done.