Bears’ Tarik Cohen Claps Back After Saints Players Roast His Height


Tarik Cohen has been a stud running back for the Chicago Bears over the last few seasons but has been the subject of incessant taunting because of his height. The star running back only stands at 5’6″ which isn’t exactly out of the ordinary when you talk about his position. Running backs tend to be shorter because their center of gravity helps them navigate through coverages while also breaking tackles. Despite this, Cohen’s height was a contentious topic on Sunday as his team took on the New Orleans Saints.

Saints players were caught on camera roasting Cohen for his height and calling him “short” to his face. Numerous such clips were posted to Twitter and circulated quickly amongst the NFL Twitter crowd. 

After the game, Cohen caught wind of all of the noise on social media and immediately took to Twitter to clap back at the haters. “This tweet so stupid. Y’all act like i don’t know I’m short,” Cohen wrote. The Bears star also went on to make fun of some Saints defenders for not being able to tackle him despite his size.

While Cohen claims to not care about the comments, it seems like they were on his mind enough to say something. Regardless, you can’t say he isn’t a good running back.