Bastille Has a Wild Night Out In 'Quarter Past Midnight' Watch


Bastille frontman Dan Smith has a difficult time making sense his wild evening out in the British band's new visual for "Quarter Past Midnight," released Wednesday (May 23). The clip opens with a voluminous-haired Smith serenading the track's first verse from a decrepit living room, but the night's agenda gets a bit blurry fairly soon after. 

Smith's luscious locks are shaved to the nub by the time the electro-rock beat kicks in for the chorus, during which the singer has been transported to a confetti-raining club. Initailly, he has a blast, but events go awry as he begins repeatedly waking up in absurd locations: an ice-filled bathtub, a seance, a bus (in handcuffs) and a film-recorded clip his own birthday party, just to name a few. By the video's end, Smith still doesn't seem too sure about which the night's shenanigans actually occurred and which were only an intoxicated imagination.

"Quarter Past Midnight" is the first single from Bastille's third studio album, which a title and release date have yet to be announced.