Bassnectar’s Nonprofit Launches Free Climate Change Course for High School


More than 4 million people flooded streets worldwide Friday, most of them school-age kids, in one of the largest's political demonstrations in history. It was called #ClimateStrike, and it was the younger generation's way of demanding government leaders around the globe address climbing CO2 emissions, rising sea levels, dangerous extinction levels and more — not tomorrow or in the next 10 years, but today.

It's the most important issue our species currently faces, affecting everyone regardless of nationality, gender or tax bracket. Bass music producer Bassnectar and his fans chose to do something about it, awarding $10,000 from the performer's Be Interactive nonprofit to Malanka Riaboken of educational experience group Guerilla Science to create a free four-week course that can arm teachers, students and anyone who downloads it with the knowledge we need to tackle this issue head-on.

“I stand by the saying that lack of education is the root of all evil,” says Malanka, who previously designed courses for University of Arizona. “I just want science teachers to have what they need, for free, from a person who knows how to make quality academic lessons.”

The course is available for download now, complete with edit-capable PowerPoint presentations and a 100-plus-page teacher's guide.

“We’re trying something new here,” Lia Holland, executive director of Be Interactive, says. “In the ever-evolving Bassnectar experiment, we’re working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans. Could Bassnectar teach a course on Climate Change? No, but Malanka can, and we’re using the power of the music to enable and lift up her awesome work."

Get a free copy of the full course and learn more about Be Interactive online