Bassnectar Rejects Religion in Twitter Rant: 'Jesus DEFINITELY Hates Trump'


Bassnectar may be one the most politically active DJs and producers in the modern dance music sphere. He started the nonprit organization Be Interactive to encourage his fans to get involved in positive social change and fundraising initiatives, and anyone who follows the Basshead leader on social media knows he's always watching the news and commenting on American politics with a strong liberal lean. Still, some fans were shocked to see Bassnectar release a string tweets that called religious beliefs "bad," "grotesque and absurd."

"I despise religion," he tweeted on Monday. "It’s the drug the masses, it’s absolutely absurd & fallacious, and twitter can’t hold all the reasons religion = corruption." He expanded on his ideas, writing that he was once a God-fearing young man who believed Jesus communicated with him directly until his friends "talked some sense" into him. He stresses that a belief in a higher power or some faceless, loving energy can be positive, though he sees no place for religious beliefs or imposed Christianity on politics.

"If you claim you’re a Christian, but you also vote republican you’re a hypocrite," he tweeted. "It’s the party corruption, it’s a crime syndicate & all their sellout evangelist preachers and fake prayers are lying to you. If you’re smart and awake just admit Jesus DEFINITELY hates trump."

While some Bassheads agreed and supported his statements, others responded with shock and disgust. Some called Bassnectar a hypocrite for preaching acceptance and non-judgment while passing judgment on those with religious beliefs. All the while, he took the clap-back and turned the other cheek.

"I am proud to be both kind and also anti-religious 🙂 hollaaaaaaa," he writes, adding, "Let’s be clear: u can believe whatever u wish. That’s your right. U can choose to believe in a little blue man up in the Sky named Bob. But you can’t demand me to respect your delusions. Respect is earned. I respect logic & reason & truth. The world is aching for a reality check."

Billboard Dance reached out to Bassnectar's camp for commet. Check Bassnectar's full stream tweets below.