Barbra Streisand Had the Sweetest Get Well Advice for Ariana Grande: ‘Of Course Get Some Chicken Soup’


Ariana Grande was devastated when an illness forced her to cancel a weekend show, but luckily for her a music icon had some very simple advice to help her get back on her feet. Grande apologized to fans in Kentucky on Sunday night (Nov. 17) when she had to call off her show in Lexington because her throat was very sore from a sinus condition. 

Barbra Streisand felt her pain and shared some motherly advice on how to deal with it on Sunday afternoon. "Take a strong Vitamin C drink with some Manuka honey and of course get some chicken soup!," Streisand wrote." Grande was, of course, floored by the note of support, responding "My goodness. love you so so much. thank you my sweetest."

On Saturday, Grande told fans, "I’m just in a lot of pain and it’s difficult to breathe during the show. I just really don’t know what’s happening with my body right now and need to figure it out.” Grande's next scheduled date on the Sweetener tour is slated to take place on Tuesday night (Nov. 19) at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.