Banks Reveals Her Childhood Love For Justin Timberlake & Recalls Her Best Fan Encounter: Watch


Banks caught up with Billboard to play “First Best Last Worst,” as she confessed to having a childhood love for Justin Timberlake, recalled her most memorable fan meeting, revealed the last lyric she wrote, and named what she believes to be the biggest misconception people have about her.

Asked what the first concert she ever attended was, Banks tells Billboard that she went to see *NSYNC with her sister. “I remember the feeling that I got for Justin Timberlake,” she reminisces. “I was just like, ‘What is this new feeling that I'm having in my heart?’ It was love.”

Banks also opens up about her best fan encounter, sharing a story about meeting a fan in France. “I remember I left a show in Paris once, and there…was a mob of people outside that I couldn't really fully meet anyone in particular,” Banks says.

“So I DM'd her and said to meet me three streets over. So I met her, and she gave me a diary and colored pencils, and she gave me a necklace that says 'Chili,' which is my nickname that my family calls me.”

In the interview, Banks also shares what the most recent lyric she penned was, as well as notes that although people may think that she is a dark and serious person because her music tends to be heavy, she really isn’t.

“I'm actually not [dark],” she says. “I mean I can be, obviously. Everybody can be a bit. I feel like I get most of my darkness out in my music, and then in life on the regular I try, at least. I think I'm funny!” 

You can watch the full video with Banks above, and listen to her song “Gimme” below.