Bam Margera Agrees To Rehab Thanks To Help Of Dr. Phil


It’s been a rocky year for Bam Margera. With two stints in rehab – the last one ending in self-dismissal after ten days – Margera has been struggling to get clean. In a series of videos, the Jackass star took to Instagram on Sunday to share that his situation has become “worse than it’s ever been”, and that he believes meeting with Dr. Phil would be his best hope. This call for help reached Dr. Phil and Margera was flown out to LA for a three-hour sit-down with the recovery guru himself. The encounter was taped, but no word yet on when or whether it will be airing.

Since meeting, Margera has posted smiling photos of himself, expressing his gratitude for the doctor’s assistance and updating fans on the steps he’s taking to get better. He will reportedly be enrolling himself in a 60-90 day rehabilitation program. Bam’s mother, April, also spoke with TMZ today and suggested that the Dr. Phil idea may have arisen due to loads of TV-time Bam has had since being bed-ridden with a leg injury.

Much respect for Margera having the courage to publicly ask for help and we wish him the best on his road to recovery.