Baarz – Smoke Break (Official Music Video)

smoke-break-final-cover Baarz - Smoke Break (Official Music Video)

“Every day I wake up and just tell myself ‘take your time, don’t rush, everything is written and happens for a reason, roll up and roll wit the punches” This was the sentiment behind the single “Smoke Break.  But for Baarz taking a smoke break isn’t just about getting high. “I believe marijuana is the key to mental health. Like marijuana provides control over your mental in my opinion. There’s times where stress causes you to overthink, react uncontrollably, and lose some reasoning but marijuana brings you back to earth and makes you think about everything a little slower”.

While working on his upcoming EP “Tha Barcode” and preparing his next single “It’s a Feeling” Baarz is on a greater mission.  It seems he has not been able to find his favorite strain in over 10 years. When not recording, he’s traveling from state to state, spot to spot in search of God’s Gift.  “I can’t even lie I haven’t had God’s Gift since 2011 if anybody has that PLEASE SEND IT MY WAY”.  Check out his new visual for Smoke Break and take one when you need one.