Azealia Banks Shows Off Her Body In Nude Photos


Unfortunately for Azealia Banks, she’s rarely in the news before of her musical contributions anymore. While she has proven herself to be one of the most innovative female rappers in the entire world, she just hasn’t been able to stick to a mainstream audience. Part of the reason why she’s fallen off so hard since her debut is because of her brash behavior. She constantly has something to say about the state of the world, which isn’t bad at all. However, the way she expresses her opinion is often aggressive and violent toward people with differing views. Lately, she’s been hyping up her music by going ham on social media, letting her fans in on every detail of her life. She’s shown off her new boyfriend and now, she’s showing off her body with a series of nude images.

Banks took to Instagram this morning to flaunt her body, shamelessly posting a few nude photos onto her timeline. The first shows her bending over in a short skirt and heels with her thong underwear serving as the only cover-up to her privates. Then, the rapper got comfortable on a luxurious two-seater, laying back and showing even more skin. In case that wasn’t enough, she followed up with a close-up of her breasts before changing into a fishnet shirt with no bra.

Do you wish Azealia Banks would go back to creating some of the dopest music around or is this her future now? Check out the more NSFW pics on her page here.