Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Is "Evil" & "Fake" Towards Megan Thee Stallion


There’s a saying that goes, “When it rains, it pours,” and if this is true, Nicki Minaj should be drenched. It’s been one helluva 24 hours for the Queen rapper as she’s spent much of her Monday on the defense. Reginald Saunders, rapper Trina‘s A&R representative, shared a lengthy caption on Instagram calling out Nicki as a “deceiver and manipulator.” Trina’s cousin and Love & Hip Hop Miami star, rapper Bobby Lytes, also jumped on Instagram Live to share is disdain with the “Megatron” rapper. 

Then, Queen Radio became a shouting match as Nicki told off Joe Budden, a person who she says has been spreading lies about her for years. She visited his podcast where things didn’t get any better as she said that she’s been attacked in the industry since the inception of her career. It looks as if Azealia Banks wants to throw her hat into the ring, as well, as she shared a warning on social media to Megan Thee Stallion telling her to watch her back. According to Azealia, Nicki not only does drugs, an accusation that also was echoed by Budden, but she has a diabolical agenda when it comes to the “Hot Girl Summer” creator.

While filming the “Hot Girl Summer” music video, Nicki and Megan hopped on Instagram Live together, a move that Azealia says was to make Megan look less than favorable. “Nicki is so evil she got meg drunk on purpose so she looks wild in the photo/video plus Nicki is WILD COKED…ugh Nicki is so damn fake and evil I cannot :(,” Azealia wrote. “Happy for meg but I really hope nicki doesn’t try it with her. The girl has had to push thru past loads of obstacles to get to this level…. I really pray that Nicki is not up to the evil sagittarian sh*t I highly suspect she is…. uh sis is really the worst.”

When speaking to Budden, Nicki made it clear that no one was going to steal her shine. “You see, I don’t have to go in a room with a bunch of men to create my sound, my image, my anything,” Nicki stated. “I am who I am. Take it or f*ckin’ leave it, but I put in the motherf*ckin’ work. I put in the work.”