Azealia Banks Pleads Guilty To Breast Biting Incident; Reportedly All Smiles In Court


It seems as though the anger management classes that Azealia Banks was forced to take have worked as she was all smiles, and reportedly respectful while pleading guilty to biting a bouncers boob.

Page Six reports that the “212” rapper was calm and courteous while going into Manhattan Criminal Court today, where she simply said “yes” to Judge Angela Badamo when asked to affirm her guilt. The case has now finally ended after the incident took place in 2015 outside Meatpacking club Up & Down. The publication says Azealia celebrated by grabbing a drink with a friend at a nearby bar.

Azealia recently shared her opinion on the children who protested in the streets against gun violence in the nationwide March For Our Lives.

“Miss me with the bullshit. As if you’d see my black ass at some rally for gun control when everyone ignored every advance made by black youth to speak about police violence,” she wrote. “Black people have been protesting gun violence for ever!! I don’t see any these kids as heroic or brave, when black kids have been fighting the good good fight for ages.”

The rest her post detailed how there were no police in riot gear at the march “but let there be more than 15 negroes on a corner… the cops are pulling up with tasers and tear gas.”

Read her full statement here.