Azealia Banks Freestyles Over Drake's "God's Plan"


Azealia Banks may not be too keen on proper formatting, in view her sharing two halves one song. Over several social media posts, we are left to do a bit cleaning up. All in all, the result is: Azealia Banks posting a freestyle over Drake’s “God’s Plan”. New music, finally.

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Imagine going up to bat and going through swinging motions, getting your mechanics in order. That seems to be the process that she is enabling here. Yes, Azealia seems a little out practice in the freestyle. That isn’t to say she sounds awful, far from it. She has bars and has shown a willingness to travel outside her comfort zone since day one.

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In light recent skirmishes, it’s worth speculating on her intentions leading up to the freestlyle. The negative press, namely her coming at Cardi B, may have been a ruse or a PR ploy for her upcoming album, a call for help, or maybe both. And given her polarizing appeal, there are plenty reasons to pay attention. Give this one a shot, peep the snippets she posted on IG below.