"Avengers: Infinity War" Directors Tease New Information About Thor


As anticipation for the latest film in Marvel’s expansive Cinematic Universe approaches, new information about Avengers: Infinity War begins to surface. After the rousing success the studio’s latest venture, Thor: Ragnarok, directors Anthony and Joe Russo reveal new information about their beloved protagonist after his apocalyptic battle in the film.

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Speaking with Marvel Studios Movies, Anthony Russo admits that Thor will undergo an immense change after the destruction his home planet during Ragnarok‘s pivotal final moments. The director notes a similar experience shared by Captain America, revealing how “Cap was in a place where we were very much catching him up in the modern world and seeing what that meant to him, and figuring out how you move a character that far forward and that far away from where they started back during the 40s.”

The director goes on to note how Thor is given a chance to overhaul his past and gear towards a less certain, but more exciting future away from what he has been accustomed to. 

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Russo reveals that Infinity War will pick up where Thor left f in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and introduces an interesting interpolation with the God Thunder and The Guardians the GalaxySeen briefly in the trailer to the film, Thor’s intermingling with Star Lord and his affiliates interestingly foreshadows a linkage between the two narratives, as Thor seeks out a new territory to inhabit in the wake Ragnarok’s destruction.