Ava Max Rips Her Emotions in Two on New Song ‘Torn’: Listen


Ava Max knows what it's like to be stuck in a love-hate relationship — one minute everything's great, the next you're both looking for the exit. Now, she wants you to know how it feels, too.

On Monday (Aug. 19), Max unveiled her latest single "Torn," a disco-infused dance track where the star sings about the internal struggle of wanting to leave, while also wanting to stay with her lover. "You show me love and give me war/ I can't get enough, can't take anymore/ Oh no, right now baby I'm torn," she sings. 

Along with the track, Max also released a new lyric video for the song, this one with a more literal interpretation. The video shows words and pictures from comic books being torn out to make the song's lyrics as Max's pulsating new track progresses. 

In a statement released with the song, Max said that she wanted "Torn" to be an accurate depiction of feeling two opposed emotions at the same time. "Love and hate are two of the strongest emotions we feel in relationships. ‘Torn’ explores the struggle between them that everyone can relate to," she said, before teasing a new music video for the track that's on its way. "Keep your eyes peeled."

Check out the lyric video for Ava Max's "Torn" below.