Austin Plaine Brings Romance to Life in ‘Lucky Ones’ Exclusive


Austin Plaine paints a hopeful picture of unconditional love in the tender ballad “Lucky Ones.” His wavering vocals and heartfelt lyrics are at the forefront of the song, while the track is further fleshed out with delicate acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment.

The four-minute video, which Billboard is premiering exclusively below today (May 13), brings the fairytale to life as a woman is spotted watching Plaine and his band perform. Another man stands beside her and eventually asks her to dance. As the two waltz around the floor while serenaded by Plaine, their romance comes to life in a series of flash-forward clips.

“I wrote ‘Lucky Ones’ around the time my sister was getting married, which helped fuel this idea of a love story,” Plaine tells Billboard. “It goes through a timeline of ups and down, but letting fortune be found in the love for each other no matter the cost. I don’t think everyone finds true love. The people that do, are the lucky ones.”

The hopeful tune includes one of Plaine’s favorite lyrics: “It’s a wonderful life as far as I can tell.” The song also features Soren Bryce providing enchanting harmonies as the two sing together on the chorus.

“Hey, I’m dancing with you tonight/ Forget about all the harder times/ It ain’t over ‘til the band plays another song/ Hey, I’m gonna bet it all on you/ It don’t matter if we win or lose/ Ridin’ out to the end of the settin’ sun/ Hey, we’re the lucky ones,” he croons.

“Lucky Ones” is featured on Plaine’s upcoming sophomore album, Stratford, due for release on June 28 Blaster Records. The album’s title borrows its name from Brooklyn’s Stratford Avenue, where the singer-songwriter recorded the project. Stratford serves as the follow-up to Plaine’s 2015 self-titled debut.

Watch the "Lucky Ones" video below.