August Alsina Returns with New Single ‘Today’


August Alsina is unstoppable.

While he battles his auto-immune disease, the resilient singer shares his testimony on his powerful single “Today.” The 26-year-old gets honest about his journey and everyday struggles on the motivational track, while remembering those he’s lost along the way.

“I’m gon’ work like they gon’ put me in the ground today / I ain’t certain they won’t put me in the ground today,” sings August. “Still goin’ hard everyday, tryin’ to overcome, that’s real / Still speaking from the heart, tryin’ to give the people something they could feel.”

But his struggles have only made him push harder. “Get yours, ’cause I’ma get mine’s today / I’m sure, won’t change my mind today,” he adds. “No choice, I gotta find a way / I’m on the grind, 365, got no time to waste.”

Additionally, August has released a trailer for his upcoming documentary The Rise of August Alsina .stateofEMERGEncy, which chronicles his tumultuous journey.

“I made a film. About life & all its journey’s,” said August. “About pain & what a gift & teacher it has been to me. About how ones pain & .stateofEmergency causes one to EMERGE•and•SEE, clearly. About love & what it’s been teaching me. About us as of people & our connectivity. A film about truth & how it hurts to face it, yet you still gotta face it anyway. A film about tragedy & triumph & victory!”