Asian Doll Defends Kylie Jenner's $60K GoFundMe Request For Injured Makeup Artist


Asian Doll was one of the few celebrities who came to Kylie Jenner’s defence after receiving heavy online criticism for her recent post.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and multi-millionaire makeup mogul Kylie Jenner caught flak over the weekend for asking her fans to donate to her makeup artist’s GoFundMe campaign.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur was attempting to raise $60,000 for the medical expenses of Samuel Rauda who was seriously injured in a car accident earlier this month. Jenner donated $5,000 herself and said a prayer for his recovery in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“May God watch over you and protect you @makeupbysamuel,” Jenner wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of Rauda. “Everyone take a moment to say a prayer for Sam who got into an accident this past weekend. And swipe up to visit his families (sic) go fund me.”

Considering Jenner’s net worth is a reported $900 million, people were incensed she’d have the gall to ask for money from the “working class.” But Asian Doll doesn’t see it that way and decided to stand up for the wealthy celebrity in a series of Twitter posts.

“People mad at Kylie for raising 60k for her makeup artist instead of giving him 60k cause she rich,” Asian Doll wrote on Sunday (March 21). “Either way he got 60k right ? Even if she ain’t personally give it to him he still got it from HER supporters meanwhile your friend won’t even take you to your job orientation.”

When someone pointed how how much money Jenner has, Asian Doll replied, “I don’t care if she’s a trillionaire her money is her money.”

Another person contested, “But if she really cared for her friend she would pay for it right?” to which Asian Doll said, “He’s her makeup artist business is business she was more then generous to make him a go fund me and raised him $60K…do your boss pay your medical bills?” [Editor’s note: the GoFundMe was actually started by Rauda’s family.]

Asian Doll concluded with, “I don’t give a fuck what nobody say people with money is not obligated to do for you just because they got it & you can’t get mad at what somebody do with THEY MONEY.”

As of publication time, Rauda’s GoFundMe campaign has reached over $99,000 and is now shooting for a $120,000 goal.

“Anyone who knows Samuel can say he is the most loving and kind person you could ever meet!” the description reads. “He has a big heart and doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need. When you are having a rough day, he certainly knows how to make you laugh and turn that frown upside down. At this moment, he needs our support and prayers more than ever.

“Sam underwent major surgery on Sunday, 3/14/21. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. I know he is loved by many. Your donations will help cover the cost of his medical expenses and whats to come. Please know that a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. The Lord bless you abundantly!”