Ashlee Simpson Rates the Talent Level of Former Pop Peers, Addresses Old Lindsay Lohan Rumors on 'Watch What Happens Live'


Ashlee Simpson stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday, (Sept. 4) to play his show's most revealing game, Plead the Fifth. Given the chance to "plead the fifth" and not answer one the questions, Simpson nonetheless dove right in on all three. 

When asked to rank late-90's pop stars — who happened to be her competition back in the day — from most- to least-talented, Simpson chose Christina Aguilera as the front runner. She followed Xtina with P!nk, and a tie between Britney Spears and Mandy Moore saying, "Mandy's a great actress, and Britney's a great performer." 

In the next round, she reveled that on a scale 0 to 10, she was a 5-level surprised that her sister Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split up.

Finally, Simpson confirmed that the lyrics "I didn't steal your boyfriend" from her 2005 song "Boyfriend" were in fact about Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsey Lohan. She told Cohen, "I hung out with him first, and I wasn't interested at that point." To clear the air once and for all, she added, "I was done. But all love here!" 

Watch the segment below.