Ashanti Addresses Her Past Relationship With Nelly: "I've Been Betrayed"


Nelly has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. The “Dilemma” artist was previously accused rape where the case was dropped. Shortly after, another allegation came from England where he continues to maintain his innocence. 

When the news first broke, paparazzi found Ashanti at LAX where they asked the singer what she thought about the allegations against her former boyfriend. She maintained her silence and only said “Say Less” which was her upcoming track at the time. A new video from Ashanti’s recent performance provides evidence that she really isn’t a fan Nelly. 

In the clip below, the “Happy” singer addresses her crowd with a message before she starts her performance. “See I just wanna make sure ya’ll understand exactly what I’m saying,” she tells the crowd. “Cuz I’ve been betrayed before, publicly at that.”

An attendee in the audience yells “fuck Nelly” where Ashanti responds, “word.” Watch below.

Not too long ago Ashanti was at the hands Wendy Williams hate comments when the talk show host called her “a fledgling artist at best.”

“Ashanti, just take it for what it is: Nobody’s buying your music, nobody cares about your music,” Wendy added. “You’ve got a beautiful body and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is the fact, jack.”