As G-Eazy Guns for Elvis Movie Role, Here Are 6 Times He Channeled The King


Rapper G-Eazy has decided that "It's Now or Never" and is reportedly gunning for the lead role in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Elvis biopic.

Though he was not named among the top five actors who have already tested for the part — Miles Teller, Harry Styles, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ansel Elgort and Austin Butler — G has allegedly met with Warner Bros. executives and Luhrmann himself to discuss getting his name on the short list, according to TMZ.

Despite his inexperience in the acting realm, there's no doubt G-Eazy has taken some inspiration from The King when it comes to his style.

Below, find six moments that make this shot in the dark seem a little more plausible.

1. Don't Be Cruel


Don’t be cruel, to a heart that’s true

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In his most obvious ploy for Elvis-related attention yet, G-Eazy shared this 'fit pic Instagram on June 22, captioning it with lyrics from Elvis' song "Don't Be Cruel." His slicked-back hair in combination with peg-leg jeans and loafers looks like something straight out of the '50s.

2. Johnny Bravo


Johnny Bravo

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Another pic on G-Eazy's Instagram shows the rapper flashing some finger guns, definitely emulating Elvis' attitude. The caption on this one is simply "Johnny Bravo," referring to the '90s cartoon whose voice was actually modeled on Elvis' signature drawl.

3. Elvis & I

Looking back at G-Eazy and then-girlfriend Halsey's adorable music video for 2017's "Him & I," one can't help but compare the two to another power couple: Elvis and Priscilla. Halsey's dark, middle-parted 'do and G-Eazy's leather jacket complete the retro fantasy.

4. Love Me Tender

Back in August 2017, G-Eazy posted a photo of his new merch line, featuring a classic white shirt with "Love Me Tender" embossed on the back. One can only assume this idea spurred from Elvis' song of the same name.

5. Sober

G-Eazy and Charlie Puth's music video for their collaboration "Sober" is a trip through the decades, making it easy to picture G as a Gatsby-like figure from the '20s or a '60s hippie — the type of range that is important to have when starring in a period film. 

6. Heartbreak Hotel



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In yet another Elvis-esque Instagram photo, the rapper is posed on a cherry-red bed, looking lonesome in leather. Seems like he paid a visit to the "Heartbreak Hotel" — an experience that could come in handy if he's able to nab the role.