ARTY Remixes FRND's 'Erase' Into a Progressive House Daydream: Exclusive


Russian DJ and producer ARTY knows a thing or two about big feelings. Whether he's crafting a trance tune, a pop song or a big house beat, he's sure to infuse the scene with enough uplifting energy to sweep a whole dance floor f its feet. He creates large, luxurious worlds melody, and he does no different on a remix FRND's delicate love letter “Erase.”

The original is sweeter than a handwritten note passed in class between grade-school loves. It's light, airy and simple with a flirty twist at the hook. ARTY added a bit punch to the beat but kept its flower-petal feeling intact.

“'Erase' is so poppy and beautiful,” ARTY says in an emailed statement, “I was excited to remix it with the progressive house style and give listeners a different experience while still maintaining the message and beauty the original.”

“ARTY brought 'Erase' to an anthemic environment that incorporates house and pop influences,” FRND says. “I am a big fan his, so to see him perform this version live is an honor.”

The remix from ARTY is just one in a package re-imaginings, featuring five different versions, including a fresh take from FRND on piano. The remix package is out Friday, July 13, but you can listen to ARTY's remix below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.